Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Glad that's over.

(A million thanks to everyone who worked so hard to get this new deal for the WGA.)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Box O Chocolates

I just finished Diablo Cody’s book, “Candy Girl.” It’s a fun, fast read. She and I aren’t so very different. Similar privileged upbringings – Chicago Catholic vs. Upstate New York Jew. When I first started dating my hubby, there was a brief period in which I toyed with idea of working in a men’s club at night so I could quit my straight job and write during the day. I never auditioned or even entered a club with that in mind, so I don’t know if I could or would have really done it, but it was cool to read DC’s account and see what I missed.

Went to a matinee of JUNO a couple weeks ago. First movie I’ve seen in the theater by myself in years. It was in the biggest theater of the 22-plex at our mall and I was all alone in there until the lights went down and a few other people wandered in. I was disappointed at first, thinking it would’ve been cool to watch it in there alone, but then I realized how very dark it got and how something or someone could be hiding behind any of those seats and I knew I’d be watching over my shoulder more than watching the screen, so it was probably a good thing the others arrived. And I really dug the movie, too. Ellen Page is fabulous. The whole cast was, really. I can’t or won’t comment on its Oscar-worthiness, ‘cause I’ve loved and hated other Oscar winners and contenders and nobody asked me, anyway.

Saw STRANGE WILDERNESS yesterday, ‘cause hubby and I were in need of some highbrow entertainment. If you like stupid, stoner humor, it pays off. I was in the mood for stupid, stoner humor, so I laughed a lot. I’ve missed Steve Zahn.

Starting in October, I had this stiffness in my upper back that would come out of nowhere, stick around a few days, then disappear and return the next month. Recurring, chronic pain isn’t my bag, so I had my first-ever chiropractic adjustment a few weeks ago. The doc folded me into some impossible positions, squeezed ‘til I crunched, then released me. My back was stiff and tender in new places for a few hours, but that went away and I’ve felt better ever since. I give Chiropractic Treatment a recommend.

I’m trying to read “Wicked” by Gregory Maguire. I loved the show on Broadway and I knew when I started that the book is very, very different, but I’m having a hell of a time getting into this story and I’ve already given it about 150 pages. Not sure how much more I can give before I bail.

Recently watched THE TEN via NetFlix. I thought it was clever and fun. I love Paul Rudd. Funny is sexy.

Also watched MR. WOODCOCK and determined that since Billy Bob Thornton and Susan Sarandon don’t have to be in shit movies, it must’ve once been a pretty good script. But, wow. That was a Stupid Movie. Not Funny-Stupid, like STRANGE WILDERNESS and other silly movies I occasionally enjoy like cheap candy. Just Really Fucking Stupid-Stupid.

Tomorrow, Munchie, Malfoy and I are seeing the Hannah Montana concert movie. I bought the tickets before Christmas and I’m glad I did – some of the screenings are already sold out. I don’t mind Hannah Montana – Miley Cyrus seems like a sweet girl (better than Britney, if we’re talking role models) and I’m sure Daddy Cyrus will make an appearance in the movie to keep the moms interested. I'll survive.

I hope the swirling rumors about progress in the strike talks are true. I’m ready to pull my “Writer” hat back on and bump the hausfrau gig to the back burner again... ‘cause y’know I’ve got the best of both worlds!