Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Trailer trash

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Behind the Irony Curtain

I first attended the Austin Film Festival and Screenwriters’ Conference in 2003. That year, I made it to the finals of the pitch competition with my 60-second take on my POOL BOY spec, which was renamed AMERICAN SUMMER and shot earlier this year.

I’ve been back to AFF every year since, attended lots of great panels and parties and met some of my best friends in the world, as well as some mentors and some heroes (some of whom overlap).

Next month, I head back to AFF – as a panelist.

They're putting me to work three times. I’ll be on one panel about breaking into the industry, which I’m really excited about; then a roundtable of writers, directors and producers just for high school kids, which should be a lot of fun; and the circle will fully close when I judge a session of the pitch competition.

We’ll call that last part IRONY #1.

Here’s IRONY #2: One of the judges of the pitch competition back in ’03 – a guy who scored me low because he thought my pitch sounded too much like DEUCE BIGELOW – will be a panelist in the same roundtable session.

IRONY #3: So will the guy who wrote DEUCE BIGELOW.

The Universe is a silly place…

See y'all in Austin!