Wednesday, January 18, 2006

La la la... The Theme Meme

Thanks to Michael Starrbury over in Apartment Two, we now have the "Top Ten Television Themes" meme to procrastinate with. So, without further ado and in no particular order, ten T.V. themes that make me smile, tap my feet or feel anticipation of some sort are:

The Partridge Family
All in the Family
Makin' It
Laverne & Shirley
Twin Peaks
Ally McBeal
Malcolm in the Middle
Two and a Half Men

(Not a comprehensive or well-thought-out list. List subject to change at any time.)

Tagging Brett, Shawna and -- since he's at least partially responsible for the happy that hits me when I hear the Cheers theme -- Ken. Have at it!


Blogger mstarr said...

Malcolm in the Middle? Life is unfair indeed.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Chris Soth said...

I have to say, a teacher at USC said in our sit com pilot class:

"The theme song is a THEME song." It is the theme of the show...and he gave us extra credit if we wrote the theme to the pilot we were creating. Shows that KNOW what they're about have a great theme song that SAY what they'r about...

Uber-line from Uber theme song of all time, IMHO?

"this group must somehow form a family"

Every sitcom ever written and filmed on television, ever.


4:16 AM  

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