Friday, November 18, 2005

Sitting on top of the washer

Okay, so I played Alan's version of the Google Vanity Game... but I screwed it up.

See, he Googled "Alan wants a" which returned a bunch of things.

I Googled "Julie wants" which returned a different sort of list (juxtaposition makes me giggle sometimes):

Julie wants Marissa to go to an institution for troubled women in San Diego.

Julie wants Jean killed like an animal.

Julie wants to add 47 + 9.

Julie wants out.

Julie wants to cut holes in her cabinet doors, paint them a rich berry color and install glass panels.

Julie wants to know who will escort her.

Julie wants to work on her Boston accent and be happy in whateva careeah she chooses, be it on-air or producing.

Julie wants you to be careful where you dig.

Julie wants Spike to go undercover on a date for an exclusive interview.

Julie wants us to know that she's a "real person," not some fancy-pants person like all those other Real Worlders.

Julie wants to know how she got off.

Julie wants you to see the sofa.

Julie wants to climb it.

Julie wants to be a trapeze artist.

Julie wants you to tap your toes -- and your heels!

Julie wants to know what is so dysfunctional about the current structure.

Julie wants to spend a day with a bear cub.

Julie wants something more.

Julie wants us to go with her to the bar tonight.

Julie wants to help bring breast cancer awareness to other young active women.

Julie wants me and she lets her bare bones wanting show.

Julie wants to ignore this revelation since the convicted killer George Lewis died in prison five years ago.

Julie wants to go and play.

Julie wants to get to know the new boy, David, until she discovers that his father is a giant!

Julie wants to buy a car with money given to her by her grandparents.

Julie wants to protect her reputation.

Julie wants to try to attract folks who have not previously toured the farm.

Julie wants to know if marketing is more important than sales in a service business.

Julie wants to call this one "sitting on top of the washer."


Blogger Brett said...

They say "great minds think alike."

Apparently so do really mediocre ones.

[thumbs up]

12:40 PM  
Blogger Ryan Rasmussen said...

Hey, Julie O! Thanks for the link. I just added yours to mine, too.

And I will dig ever so carefully, so rest easy, will ya?


12:41 PM  
Blogger MaryAn Batchellor said...

Julie wants to call this one "sitting on top of the washer."??

Hey, think I'd be plagiarizing if I used "sitting on top of the washer" as a screenplay title? No, I don't have a draft it fits, but bet it would get a lot of reads!!

10:10 PM  
Blogger Wamba said...

Hey Julie O. I know I'm coming along late (you posted this two months ago), but this was very funny. I had to try it for myself and post the results on my own page. Thanks for a laugh.

3:15 PM  

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