Wednesday, September 14, 2005

In case you were wondering why I don't write poetry...

Just took a jaunt down memory lane and came across a little something that's too embarrassing not to share with hundreds of anonymous strangers.

I wrote it years ago, while briefly dating an actor whom I fondly refer to these days as “Mindfuck Guy...”

And now, for your giggling pleasure, I present:

New Shoes

My palm sweats, clammy
beneath the blood of his heart.
I just finished squeezing the life out of it,
and no, there was no enjoyment in it for me.
I do this for myself.
It’s just coincidence that I was making love
to another man’s brain at the time.
I can’t help myself. You see, I
just looked back and I was gone.
My education continues and the
epicenter of my sensuality has vacated
its home between my legs and taken up
residence in my cranium.
I like these shoes.


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